Every entrepreneur needs a business idea to set off their enterprise journey. With the current diverse internet connectivity, more and more business opportunities are opening up. Most industries are embracing online selling and other digital approaches to reaching their customers.

As an entrepreneur running a brick and mortar furniture store, you might think that moving the online marketplace is hard. However, for you to continue making profits in future, joining the rest in the digital arena is not optional. Selling furniture online might be tough. First, you need to pay a huge amount for shipping and second people will prefer visiting a showroom than buying online. You think so? Here are 3 reasons why venturing into online furniture business is worth it:

· Most customers prefer online shopping

Unlike several decades ago, people are either becoming busy or lazy. People are no longer willing to take a walk to a showroom or a store to purchase an item. Instead, they sit behind their PC or use computing devices to check for commodities in the online stores. Surfing, clicking, and buying is a trend replicated in all online shops including those dealing with furniture. So, instead of investing in a showroom, opting for an online furniture store will be a worthy idea.

· Online store save your cost

One challenge every business person faces is high costs. As you may be aware, the rule of business is cost minimization and profit maximization. Turning to selling furniture online is one way of helping you to fulfill this policy. Particularly, if you are a furniture reseller, this option helps you to save on storage costs. With online selling, you only have to find a customer and arrange the delivery of the furniture from the supplier to your customers’ residence. As such, you do not need a warehouse or a showroom to showcase your offers. Your store website serves the purpose for you.

· Make sales around the clock

Moving your furniture business to digital platform opens it to the global audience. By this, your business remains in operation around the clock. You make sales when asleep, on holiday, or while in a meeting. Unlike your brick and mortar option, your online furniture store does not close its door. Hence customers can make sales anytime. All you will need is to ensure that you have shipped or delivered the items to their destination.


Rules for Selling Furniture Online

Selling furniture online comes with unique challenges. Due to its bulkiness, it presents shipping issues, which adds up its cost. The challenge of bulkiness becomes pronounced when a customer is not satisfied with what they received and wants to return it. But with all the challenges furniture presents, people are still selling it online. However, to succeed in selling furniture online, there are certain rules or commandments you have to follow. Let’s check them out:

· Be mindful of your pricing when looking to sell furniture online

Besides the convenience associated with shopping online, customers shop for furniture online because they know they will find them at really reasonable prices. So don’t put a price tag that is too high for your target audience. It’s recommended that you research the prices of similar furniture on the platform you want to list them on. Also, check prices on other platforms, and then evaluate the prices and come up with a price that is fair to both you and the customers. Since you’re selling online, it means you won’t have a lot of expenses like renting a brick-and-motor store and labor cost. So you’ll be able to set competitive prices for your furniture.

· Visibility is key when you want to sell furniture online

Your aim of listing your furniture online is to enable users to find it easily. This is not possible if you list it and leave it like that. There are steps you need to take to make your furniture easy to find. First, you need to add details of the furniture, such as the manufacturer, age and any other relevant detail that will make customers find it online. Buyers are always searching furniture by those details, and if you don’t include them, your furniture will not show up in Google search results. Second, you need to optimize your furniture image for search engines by including keywords and keywords phrases that the majority of people use to search furniture online. Include the keywords in the image title, tags and descriptions to allow search engines to find it and rank it.

· Endeavor to provide unique characteristics if you want to sell furniture online successfully

Experts in the used furniture business recommend that you be upfront with your prospective customers. For instance, tell them if you have pets, if you live in a non-smoking home, and if there are any defects with the furniture, such as broken parts and tears. Being upfront about the defects of the furniture will reduce the time needed to close the deal. Failure to be upfront with the customer can lead to a lot of back-and-forths, and they may even tap out of the deal.

· Your safety should be a priority when indulging a customer to sell furniture

You may find a local prospective buyer online who may insist on seeing the furniture for real before committing any money. If you agree to the meetup, make sure it happens in a public place; such as a lawn and it should be visible from the streets. You should also ask a favorite friend to tag along. Better still, transport the furniture to a nearby mall parking lot or a high traffic location. Resist meeting strangers in your home.

· Take high-resolution pictures of the furniture. It helps sell furniture online quickly

While a detail description of your furniture is key to selling it, nothing beats high-resolution pictures of the product taken from different angles. Detailed photos give customers a visual image of the furniture, and they know that that’s what they’ll get.


All in all, there are many reasons why venturing on selling furniture online is a noble idea. As such, if you are thinking about launching an online store, you are venturing into the furniture niche is recommendable.

Be careful when choosing a shipping company to deliver your furniture to clients. Furniture is prone to breakages and scratches. The shipping company should ensure that none of that happens, as the customers expect the furniture to be flawless.

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