Why do you buy a product from one company and avoid one offered by another? What influences you? Is it because they are offering the best quality or is it due to the slogan they use? Certainly, you buy your products and services from companies you are aware of, and you have credible information about them. If this is making sense, you can figure out why branding is necessary when selling furniture online. Naturally, people always buy from a business they have a history and can relate to their slogan. But does branding matter for an online furniture store? Read on to know the answers to these questions.

• Branding is the ingredient of customer perception

Customer perception is the main factor in making purchase decisions. How the customers think and feel about your offers determines whether they will buy from your store or move to your competitors. Regardless of whether you are offering the best prices and quality in the market if the customers have a negative perception of your furniture store making a sale will be like fetching water in the desert.

Customer perception is developed from the available information. If you do not take a step to inform your customers, they will rely on rumors and grapevines to make conclusions about your products. As such if you want customers to have a positive perception, you must brand your online furniture business.

• Customer trust is built on branding

Winning your customer trust is a fundamental pillar of your business growth and development. As you know, people will always believe the information they hear. Without branding, you open a gap for development of false information about your products. Such information can cripple your business forever. To avoid such instances, you need to invest in branding your furniture store. This way, you will limit chances of false information and solidify your customers trust on your products.

• Your branding determines the social class you will serve

Naturally, people in a given social class love associating with certain brands. For instance, people in the upper class will go for iPhones from Apple. Probably other smartphones are better than iPhones but branding activity has made them prevalence for the affluent class. In this regard, your level of branding has a central role in the kind of customers you will attract on your online furniture shop.


Affordable Ways of Marketing Your Furniture Online

A coin saved is a coin earned. You have heard this phrase several times either from peers or business personalities. When starting your online furniture business, a shoestring budget is a reality. After setting up your site, conducting a feasibility study, identifying your target customer, and a supplier, you log on to the hardest part of a business – marketing.

For you to make sales, you must create awareness of your presence and promote your furniture online. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Online marketing requires a lot of cash. As such, it might be a challenge for startups with fixed budgets. But does it mean you can’t market your products online if you are facing budget constraints? The answer is NO. Here are affordable ways of marketing your furniture business online:

•  Sharing a link to your online furniture store on the social media

According to statistics, social media is the second largest online marketplace after the search engines. When your budgets are nothing to smile about social media can be your savior. Here you can promote your furniture by posting a link to your online store on the social pages. Essentially, you need to target groups and pages that have a relationship with furniture business such as real estate groups. This way you can reach out to a wider audience without spending a dime.

• Opting for Facebook ads

If you have a fixed budget using Facebook ads as your online marketing channel is a smart idea. Unlike other paid options, Facebook optimizes your ads in that they match them with the right audience. Also, you can set your ads depending on the customers’ location. For instance, you can target American audience if those are your potential customers. This way, you enhance your chance of receiving more leads and conversion rates.

• Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing involves allowing other people to promote your products at a commission. This method enables you to reach a wider audience without spending extra cost as you only pay the marketer after a sale. If a customer does not purchase through the link provided on the marketer’s site, you are not liable to them. As such, this method is cost effective and affordable for startup and businesses suffering from constraint budgets. Important to note is that you make sale around the clock. This is because people are promoting your products even when you are resting or on holiday.


As you can see, branding is critical when selling furniture online. The activity determines your customer perception and trust. Also, it is the determiner of the kind of customer and social class that will buy from your store.  Finally, those are the most affordable approaches you can use while selling furniture online and on a fixed budget.

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