So, you have some furniture, be it new or old, that you would like to sell online. That’s great because the Internet is an excellent place for buying and selling things. There are many options that you can use, but the best one is to rely on eBay. In case you want to sell furniture online via eBay, you should take a few things into account. This is a specific kind of item that comes in different sizes and shapes. According to many sellers, the greatest concern in this process is the size of the piece of furniture you are trying to sell. This will determine the shipping method.

The truth is that it can be quite complicated to ship large pieces of furniture and that’s why the majority of buyers are looking for furniture on this platform that they are able to get in person. If you want to avoid any problems with the shipping part, make sure to add the city where the furniture is located in your listing. In some cases, it’s also a smart move to add the neighborhood too. In cases when the items is huge, for example, a large bed made of wood, you should highlight this fact in the listing and inform the potential buyers that the item is large and that you would like the customer to pick it up from your place. It’s possible to get a payment in cash or check when you are arranging an in-person sale, but if you want to get paid via PayPal, just mention this in the listing.

In case the piece of furniture is smaller, it is possible to use USPS (up to 70 pounds). UPS and FedEx are prepared to manage larger and heavier items, but keep in mind that this method of shipping can be quite expensive. It’s a smart idea to calculate these expenses and inform the buyer.

Finally, in case you sell furniture online via eBay, make sure to list the accurate dimensions of furniture. This is crucial for anyone who wants to buy furniture. If the furniture is just an inch smaller or bigger it can cause a lot of trouble in their homes. Don’t forget that they can return the item if the dimensions are incorrect and leave a poor review which will ruin your future sales through this platform.


Stages of selling furniture online

When you are looking to sell furniture online, you need to know the basics. Without being aware of the basics, it would be like you are aiming in thin air with hardly any results. There are many business opportunities online, and all you need to do to avail them is to make sure that you are aware of the proper method you should follow to sell furniture online.

The procedure that you need to follow to successfully sell the furniture online is:

  1. Preparation to sell furniture

When you have decided that you would be selling furniture online, you need to investigate the market first. The market study is the key part of starting any business. When you study the market, you get an idea what the customers would want when they are browsing around to make the purchase. Studying the market trends will help you keep those pieces of furniture that are actually in demand. Secondly, when you have decided that you would be selling furniture, you need to measure the furniture pieces. This will help you give a detailed description to your client and at the same time make it easy for you, when you are going to ship it to your customers. Using both imperial and metric units to will help you in reaching out to the majority. You should have contacts within the shipping industry if you do not have one you should try to foster one. This will help you get great deals. Also, if you want to attract customers you need to be visually appealing, and that requires beautifully captured images.

  1. Putting up the furniture for sale

It is important that you should have the right kind of description for the piece of furniture that you are putting up for sale. There should be proper title as well. A probable customer would always click after looking at your title; the description comes later. When writing the description, you should make sure that you are including any possible issues with your furniture. Failing to do so will cost you your reputation. Complete disclosure on your part may affect the price at which you sell, but it will get you a good reputation in the long term.

  1. After sale service

Once you have convinced your customers to buy your furniture, you should make sure that you have a variety of options for the people to select when making payments. This will be more convenient for them and also add to your credibility as a seller.

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