For any new small business owner, marketing and selling furniture in the crowded marketplace can be an uphill task. This is because furniture is a kind of household item purchased on occasion only. Plus, the majority of furniture items have a higher price tag compared to other retail items; therefore motivating customers to buy them can seem like searching for a needle in a giant haystack. But there are smart ideas to market your furniture, regardless of price and occasion, which will compel customers to buy:

· Giveaways and raffles are smart ideas to market and sell furniture quickly

Boosting traffic to your furniture store is critical to getting sales. Recognize that customers don’t visit furniture stores regularly as it happens in other retail stores. To attract a lot of traffic to your furniture store, promote a giveaway or raffle event. The good idea is to choose old furniture stock that isn’t moving and place it as a giveaway. There are numerous ways to promote your event: Through radio, TV, email campaigns or social media.

· Networking with real estate agents is a perfect way to market and sell furniture

You can organize open-house showing to promote your unique furniture pieces. If you don’t have a house, you can network with real estate agents who can give you a home to showcase your furniture. Furnished houses tend to sell more than empty houses, so you can easily work out an agreement with an estate. This is also a smart strategy to get in touch with your target customers, who may be compelled to buy if your furniture interests them.

· Client appreciation events can help you market and sell furniture quickly

Let’s face; everybody likes free things. And so, you can appreciate existing customers for sticking to your brand and cajole potential customers to buy from you by organizing free food and drinks party. You can do this by crafting personalized invitations and sending them out to your existing and potential customers and make use of the local media channels to promote the event. You can always get assistance by contacting the local chamber of commerce to help you conduct the event. They might even go an extra mile to supply food items for the event.


Websites That Let You Sell Furniture Online besides Amazon or eBay

If you’ve ever sold anything on Amazon and eBay, then you know how things are hard there. Even with millions of customers visiting the sites daily, you still need to be at your best to sell anything. And if you intend to sell furniture online, it becomes even more complicated, especially if you’re dealing with bulky furniture. Shipping such can increase your operational costs. If Amazon and eBay creep you out, check out these sites to effortlessly sell your furniture:

i. Use Chairish to sell furniture online

This site allows you to list a wide array of furniture to sell. But they have to be verified for quality and the customers should be able to love them. It turns out that the operators of the site know their customers and the kind of furniture they like and that’s why they can tell whether furniture will sell or not. The good thing about Chairish is that you don’t pay anything to list your furniture on the site. Also, customers can get free shipping when they buy more than 100 items on the platform. The Chairish Apple app allows you to upload your furniture pictures and description to the platform easily.

ii. AptDeco is a great platform to sell furniture

Some people are skeptical of having strangers come to their home to inspect and buy furniture. If this statement describes you, then AptDeco is your reprieve. The platform caters to the residents of New York and Washington D.C. and encompasses a large community of buyers and sellers. This NewYork based platform makes it easy for people to buy and sell furniture online.

iii. Sell furniture online through Lushpad

This website is adapted to those who have a thing for authentic modern furniture. It a great platform for those who want mid-century furniture pieces to make their home look appealing. This site has a huge group of buyers who are willing and ready to buy any authentic modern furniture.

iv. OfferUp is one of the best platforms to sell furniture

This is a revolutionary app to sell furniture online. In fact, it has been dubbed the Uber of selling furniture online. You simply download the OfferUp app and connect with people buying furniture in your area. Customers give you a rating when they do business with you, so be sure to offer excellent service and quality furniture.


In the increasingly competitive furniture industry, it’s prudent that you use any means to attract and retain customers to your brand to stay in business long enough. These smart ideas will go a long way towards helping you achieve that. Besides, there are different platforms to sell your products, find the one that suits better your needs, remember that selling your furniture online doesn’t get better than these platforms. While you should also have accounts with Amazon and eBay to increase the possibilities of selling your furniture online, these websites we show you will make the process effortless and fast.


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