The first pillar of an online venture is the website. You cannot become a successful webpreneur if you do not put extra effort into your website development and design. For this reason, as you take your first step to designing your website for selling furniture online, one of the essential elements you need to consider is its theme/template. Your website theme must reflect what you are offering in your business. For instance, you cannot use a cosmetic website theme on an e-book site. The same case applies here. For your furniture online venture to be productive, you need to use website templates designed for furniture websites. Here are some of the furniture templates you can consider:

• Inventor

Inventor is a leading furniture website template designed for use in interior design showcase. The template comes with four homepage versions. Also, the templates are editable without any knowledge in coding. As such you can customize it to fit your needs. Furthermore, it comes with an array of colors which you can change to match your desires. If you need extra sections and widgets, you can easily add them.

As well, replacing the images input in the template takes just some minutes. Apart from this, the inventor is highly responsive and compatible with standard browsers. As such, you will not spend extra cash in trying to optimize your site for various computing devices.  Lastly, the template looks awesome and attractive which is a step ahead in online business.

• Vantage

Vantage is a furniture e-commerce website template from Shopify. The template has several elements essential for showcasing your furniture to the potential customers. First, it allows you to upload a slideshow video. This offers you an opportunity to showcase your furniture to the customers without them moving from the homepage.

Also, the template has product zoom option which customers can use to enlarge the images you have uploaded for easier interaction and view. Importantly, it has a popup that encourages customers to become part of your mailing list. This is essential for marketing purposes.

• ShowTime

If inventor and Vantage do not fit with your online furniture website, then you can go for ShowTime.   The template has a multi-level menu that makes it easier for your customers to navigate your online shop. Also, it has an option for filtering and sorting your items by best sellers and prices. Hence, it makes easy for customers to find their match. Lastly, ShowTime is mobile-friendly. Also, you get free theme updates among other essential elements.

• Bailey

If you’re looking for a fully responsive, well-documented and search engine friendly furniture website template, Bailey is one of the options. It comes with a vast array of features that you wouldn’t want to miss on a furniture website. For example, multiple layout options, various customize widgets to optimize your template, categories functionality to enable potential customers to located products easily, cherry sidebars that let you create custom sidebars and incorporate them in your page layouts effortlessly, and live customizer to manipulate your template to your taste. It also comes with the Google Fonts widget to allow you to choose good looking fonts. Top developers develop the theme, and so you’re sure to get value for your money.

• Glide

This is the kind of template to choose if you need a minimalistic furniture website. The developers of this template considered the modern web standards, including big top quality images, enough white space, outlined icons, transparent text blocks and other aspects that attract the attention of visitors. It’s highly responsive, which means it’s designed to be visible on all kinds of devices, including mobile. It also comes with endless customization options to tweak and finesse your website to your taste. It’s SEO friendly, offers 24/7 support, comes with multiple layout options, and Google fonts. No wonder that most entrepreneurs swear by the template.

• Dellos

Dellos is an awesome website template designed to showcase and sell home-made furniture. It comes with a host of features that make displaying and selling furniture look like a walk in the park, such as responsive design, SEO friendly, retina ready, optimized source code, newsletter subscription, contact form, search form, gallery, blog, sidebar manager, performance optimization and more. It also features an array of custom widgets to boost the functionality of your website, allows Google Fonts integration to make your texts look attractive, and around-the-cloud customer support to address your queries anytime, even in the dead of night. If you’re looking for a modern style furniture website template, try out Dellos.

• Duron Flooring

If you or your target audience have a thing for classic design, Duron Flooring might be just what you’re looking for. It looks chic, thanks to a mix of beautiful gold and black color schemes. It also comes with all the features that you would need in a basic website to sell furniture online. The features include a responsive design, friendly 24/7 support, power page builder to compose numerous pages, SEO friendly to boost your search engine rankings, live customizer, custom widgets and Google Font integration, as well as a team of expert developers who are at your service whenever you need help.



There is a ton of furniture website templates out there to help you build an elegant website to sell furniture online. Each has its pros and cons. But we’ve done extensive research to bring you a list of the best out there that can help you attract and retain customers to your website.


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